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It’s considered normal for people to request a name change for themselves or their children. In most cases, this is done after a divorce or a change in custody. Some people believe that changing one’s name is the first step toward a new life and beginning. The process can be relatively simple for most adults; however, it may be more complex for youngsters. This is because both parents have a say in a child’s name, and some parents may object to a name change. With that said, you can consider hiring a Camden County name change lawyer for a more seamless name change process.

Procedure for Changing Your Name in Camden County

Prepare Yourself

Once you have decided to change your name, you should ensure you’re well-prepared for the process. First, you’ll have to come up with a new name. You may also be asked why you wish to alter your name in your documents, so make sure you’re clear about why you’re changing your name or your child’s. Aside from that, please make sure to include this name in all of your petition documents. Before filing a petition, it’s best to speak with a Camden county name change lawyer.

Gather Everything That You Will Need

A valid Camden county driver’s license serves as proof of identity and current name. You will also need to complete several forms: a Petition to Change Name, a notice of petition, and a Verification Form for your petition. You should also find out the fees you will need to pay and set the money aside.

File Your Name Change Documents

The next step in the name change process is filling out the necessary name change forms to file with the Camden County Superior Court. These documents will include your basic contact information. They will also reflect information on your present legal name and the name you wish to change it to. Additionally, they will also explain why you have changed your name. These documents must be signed and notarized before being filed with the court. They should be filed along with the court filing fee payment.

Publish a Notice in a Camden County Newspaper

You should contact a Camden county newspaper as soon as possible after receiving the court’s filed documents and request that the Hearing Date be published. You must publish this information in a Camden county newspaper two weeks before your scheduled hearing. You must also notify anyone who is affected by your name change. If you have any pending criminal charges, you must inform the prosecutor where the charges are pending. In addition, if you want to change your minor child’s name, the other biological parent must be told. You must show proof of publication to the court before your hearing date. This means that you must show the court documentation that you met the publication requirement. Once your notice is published, the newspaper will email you an affidavit as proof that your notice was published. The evidence should then be presented to the court. You must also provide documentation to the court that you have alerted any other parties who may be interested in your application for a name change.

Attend a Camden Court Hearing

You must appear for your hearing on the stated date. If no objections are raised, the court will most likely allow your request for a name change when issuing a final Judgment. The Final Judgment involves a Camden county’s judge signature on an order allowing you to change your name. You must also request extra certified copies of the Final Judgment at the hearing. You will use these copies to tell the Department of Treasury, Social Security, the Department of Vital Statistics, and the Motor Vehicle Commission of your name change. Because of this, it’s generally advisable that you obtain 3 to 4 additional certified copies of this Final Judgment.

Using Your New Name

A formal announcement is required before you can use your new name. This can be done simply by placing a notice in a Camden county newspaper. Remember, you can change your family name by obtaining a legal document such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree, or a petition authorized by a Camden county court. A person can also change their family name on behalf of their partner, kid, or just for themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions About Camden County Name Change

Can my request to alter my surname be denied?
Yes. For example, if the name you want to adopt creates confusion or embarrassment, it might be refused. It is also possible to decline a name change if it defrauds or misleads the public. The same goes for a name that is insulting for any other reason.
Why would someone consider changing their name?
You may consider changing your last name to your husband’s last name if you get married. If you and your spouse have divorced, you may also request to alter your last name. You may also consider changing your child’s last name on occasion.
Whatever the situation and need for the last name change is, it must be accomplished through legal means. Once you’ve married, you can’t change your last name. You must legally register it and choose a new name through a systematic procedure.
Why would someone want to change their child’s name?
This is most common for people who have a second marriage or are divorced. You should file a petition to alter your child’s last name on his birth certificate if you do not want your child to be called by the name of your former spouse. The same process applies if you want your child to be called by their mother’s name.
What should I do now that my family name change has been approved?
Once you’ve received your name change sign order, you’ll need to contact each agency to amend their records. You should then publish it in a newspaper and begin using it.

Hire a Camden County Name Change Lawyer at Bhatt Law Group for a More Seamless Name Change Process

Since changing your name involves legal formalities, it is a good idea to seek the help of a professional to ensure everything goes fine. With that said, our legal team at Bhatt Law Group is well-equipped to help you navigate the process without encountering many issues. Get in touch with our team today and request a free estimate on our services.