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Gloucester County Name Change Lawyer

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Gloucester county courts are generally inclined to grant name changes if you have a genuine reason. However, the final decision is ultimately under the discretion of the court.

With that said, the court must conclude that the criteria for notice and the allegations in the application have been met before a decree for a name change can be granted.

It must also identify a reasonable and adequate basis for the change and determine whether the name change is in the public interest.

The court should also consider whether the change is in the best interests of a minor child if the change is for a minor. For a more seamless process, consider hiring a Gloucester county name change lawyer.

Procedure for Changing Your Name in Gloucester County

In Gloucester, any individual who is eighteen years old and above and has lived in the state for a while can petition for a name change.

The judge will make the final decision on whether your justification for changing your name is valid. You can either go through this process alone or get a Gloucester name change lawyer to do it on your behalf.

With that said, below is the procedure for a name change in Gloucester County:

Get a Background Check

Although state law does not require background checks, Gloucester county will require you to undergo a background check to file for a name change.

In this case, you’re required to select an agency from the Attorney General’s website’s list of providers and order a background check. Making an appointment might be necessary, but most agencies favor walk-ins.

You should send your background check to the county probate court, where your hearing will be held.

Fill Name Change Forms

You must complete several forms when you want to change your name. To do this, you first need to download the Application for Change Name Form.

You can also ask the court clerk for one in any Gloucester probate court. Except for the case number section, you should fill out all of the fields on the application form.

You should also fill out the Judgment Entry Form. You can download it and fill out all of the required fields. Gloucester County will want you to fill out an additional information form, which you can find at any Gloucester probate court.

It’s also best if you request any county-specific documentation from the court clerk ahead of time so you can fill them out and submit all of the required documents in time.

Publish a Notice

At least thirty days before your hearing, you should publish a notice for changing your name in a Gloucester newspaper. If a specific newspaper is required for printing a name change notice, the clerk will inform you.

They may handle the notice publication for you in some situations. However, in most cases, you have to download and fill out the Notice of Hearing on the Change of Name form and send it to the newspaper.

Attend a Court Hearing

It would be best if you personally appeared in a Gloucester court before the assigned judge to plead your case for a name change.

Alternatively, you can have a Gloucester name change lawyer appear on your behalf. The judge will ensure that you are changing your name for genuine reasons.

Start Using Your New Name

It should be a simple process to change your name on your documents. Visit your local BMV office to change your name for your driver’s license. You should bring your Gloucester driver’s license, Social Security card, and proof of name change.

You should also update your name on your voter registration card online or by mail. The procedure for updating a name change is the same as when you first registered. The only difference is that now you will be using your new name.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you change your name after marriage?

All required for a new wife to assume her husband’s surname is for the new name to be listed on the marriage license. This becomes the legal marriage license once it is signed and submitted to the probate court in the county where the marriage took place. After that, the wife can start using her new name.

On the other hand, a husband who wishes to adopt his wife’s surname must file a request for special court approval.

What are the requirements for a minor’s name change?

Both of the minor’s parents must sign a petition for a name change for a minor. Alternatively, it can be signed by one parent but with the consent of the other. The proposed action must be communicated appropriately to all adults who have legal authority over the child.

Courts usually hold hearings to establish if the minor’s name change is in their best interests. The court will also take time to hear any objections presented by interested parties.

At times, one parent might object to the name change, especially during separation or custody wars. In such instances, it is advisable to have a Gloucester county name change lawyer represent you in the proceedings.

How do you change your name in case of a divorce?

Instead of going to court to change your name after a divorce, Gloucester county provides a more straightforward solution: You can simply include the name change with your divorce petition.

Once the divorce decree is finalized, the legal name change becomes part of the divorce decree. As long as the request was made at the time of the divorce, the Gloucester divorce court is required to allow the name change.

When can’t you change your name?

You’re not allowed to change your name if it’s for a deceitful or fraudulent purpose.

Some of the reasons that might make it impossible for you to change your name are when you want to avoid debts, when your name change affects another person’s rights, or when you intend to use offensive language as part of your name.

Apart from that, you’re also not allowed to change to a name that causes deliberate confusion.

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