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Handling name changes can be tricky, especially if you have children and other family members involved. The time and emotional toll of such a process are unfortunately not just felt by the person who is changing their name, but also by those around him or her.

Before you make any changes, it’s important to know that there are rules and regulations in place by the court which need to be followed. A Newark Name Change Lawyer at Bhatt law group will guide you and help you through the entire process. However, you need to be aware of which instances could push you to change your name.

Reasons Why You May Need A Newark Name Change Lawyer

Here are some of the reasons why people choose to change names:


In the context of marriage, the name change is related to a change in the family structure. The family structure is changed from single parent to married couple. This means that the person has a new relationship with their parents.

They might not have the same relationship as before, because now they are part of a married couple and they share their life with their new spouse.

When you get married, you may choose to keep your old name or adopt your spouse’s new name. If your spouse has a different religious background than you do, it is likely that she will want to change her name after marriage.

If you have children, they may also want their names changed so that there is no confusion about who they are or what family members belong to them.


When a marriage ends in divorce, the law will often require one spouse to change his or her name. If a man is married to a woman and they separate, he would have to change his name to reflect her new surname.

Similarly, if a woman marries a man and they later separate, she would have to change her name to reflect his new surname.

If one spouse is granted legal custody of the children, that person may also wish to change their legal name after the divorce. In some cases, this will be necessary if the child’s other parent has been granted joint custody.


A child who was born in adoption may want a legal name change at birth or later in life. The child might have been adopted by two different parents and would like to use one of those parents’ last names.

Other times, an adoptive parent may want to adopt a child who already has a legal first name but does not have a legal middle name or last name. In these cases, it is possible for both parties consenting to the adoption of the same first name.


Changing your name can be a way to express gender variance. A person who has gone through the process of changing their gender may have felt that they have to conform to a certain standard of masculinity or femininity.

Changing their name may allow them to express their true identity and reclaim the power of their own name and gender.

Other people choose to change their names for purely personal reasons. Some people do this because they want a more unusual name that will stand out from the crowd or because they have a particular dislike of their own name.

Others might want to change their name because they feel that it is not very suitable or appropriate for them as an adult, or perhaps because it is not really theirs at all – in which case they would like to adopt it as their own and make it theirs by deed poll.

Religious reasons

Many people change their names because they are religious. They may be converting to another religion, or they may simply want to make a change for religious reasons.

For example, some people who are converting from Judaism to Christianity change their names because it is important for them to keep their Jewish identity.

Loss of Culture

In some cases, a name change is part of an effort to distance yourself from your past. It may be that you are ashamed of your heritage or that you want to distance yourself from your family.

In other cases, it may be a reaction to a negative event in your life. For example, after experiencing discrimination because of race or religion, some people decide to change their names and try to start fresh with no connection to their previous lives.

How A Newark Name Change Lawyer Guides You Through The Process

While you can choose to do the whole process b yourself, having a Newark Name Change Lawyer from the Bhatt Law group will make things easier because he or she;

Makes sure you have the right reason

The first thing that your lawyer will do is make sure that you have a good reason for wanting to change your name. It is important that you base your decision on facts rather than emotions or biases.

If the reason behind your desire to change your name is fueled by emotions or biases, then it may not be valid in court and could lead to complications further down the road.

Makes sure you have the right paperwork

The first thing that a name change lawyer will do is make sure that you have all of the correct documentation ready before they begin working on your case. This includes getting copies of any court orders and other documents as well as any other papers that are required by law or by state statute.

Files your petition and attend court hearings

Your lawyer will file your petition with the court system and attend all court hearings. This ensures that there are no delays in getting approval for your petition and also helps keep things moving along smoothly during this time period.

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