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It is natural for some people to want to change their names. Some can be because of choice while some because of necessity.

If you reside in Union County and you want to change your name or your child’s name, we have a Union County name changer lawyer that can assist you. At Bhatt Law Group, we have a good background in processing name change applications.

You can reach out to us by phone by dialing (201) 798-8000 or sending us a message through our live chat. Our live chat is available all day, so we can help you get a Salem County name change lawyer any time of the day.

We provide free consultations to our Salem County clients. Our Salem County name change lawyer can assist you in understanding the entire process, providing you with a reasonable timeline, and explaining the legal fees depending on your case.

Reasons for Hiring a Salem County Name Change Lawyer

There is no single reason why someone wants to change their names in Salem County. Nevertheless, the most common reason why people want to get the help of a Salem County name change lawyer for a name change application is that they are getting divorced.

Nevertheless, some people opt to have a new name simply because they want to or their names are too complicated to spell or pronounce. Some want to change their children’s names because they are adopted, or the other parent is not involved.

Name Change Application Steps in Salem County

These are the general steps to involved in legal name change process:

Step 1: Prepare All the Required Documents

The following are some of the documents you need to fill out when requesting a name change. You can also ask for help from a Salem County name change lawyer to complete these documents to avoid making errors.

  • Civil Case Information Statement
  • Verified Complaint about Name Change and Certification
  • Order Fixed Date of Hearing

It is also recommended to produce your copy of these forms.

Step 2: Submit the Forms and Pay the Processing Fees

You can pass the forms in person or have them mailed to the court. You need to check all the following documents carefully if you are planning to send them:

  • Accomplished forms
  • Money order or check from the treasurer of New Jersey (You can call the court for the exact amount)
  • A SASE or self-addressed stamped envelope (Make sure you indicate the correct return postage. If not, you will not receive your forms back. If you submit your documents through the mail, use certified mail with a return receipt.

Step 3 – Checked the Sent Documents

You will see a docket number in the documents sent back to you by the court. You can use this number as a reference for the future. In these documents, you will also see when your scheduled hearing is and the newspaper where you need to publish your date of hearing.

Step 4 – Publish the Order Fixing Date of Hearing

You need to publish the Order Fixing Date of Hearing in the newspaper assigned by the court. You will see the assigned newspaper in the documents provided to you. You need to have it published at least 2 weeks before your scheduled hearing.

Step 5 – Provide Proof to the Court

After you have it published, an Affidavit of Publication will be provided by the newspaper. This proves that you have published the Order Fixing Date of Hearing. The Affidavit of Publication should indicate the name of that newspaper. You need to provide the court with the original copy of this affidavit. You can submit it yourself or send it through the mail. It is best to have your copy.

Step 6 – Inform the State or County Prosecutor and Give Proof of Mailing

A Salem County name change lawyer will be helpful here if you have pending criminal charges or have been convicted. You have to inform the county prosecutor or the Office of the Attorney General where your case is handled.

You need to provide copies of the documents through certified mail to the prosecutor and the Division of Criminal Justice Director. After that, you accomplish the Proof of Mailing form and attach the original and certified mail receipts to the court to know you send the documents to the required people.

Step 7 – Appear in front of a Judge

You go to the court to legally change your name for your scheduled hearing.

Step 8 – Publish a Notice on the Newspaper

You should have the Final Judgment with the court’s signature published in the court-assigned newspaper. The process is the same as having the Order Fixing Date for Hearing published.

Step 9 – Give Certified Copies of Your Documents to the Required Government Offices

You provide certified copies of the Final Judgment to the following government offices:

  • Department of the Treasury
  • Registrar of Vital Statistics
  • Motor Vehicle Agency or Regional Service Center (if you have a driver’s license)

What to Do If Your Name Change Application Is Denied in Salem County?

What you will do depends on why the request was denied. You can just make a request again if you made a mistake in completing the documents or doing the steps.

Nevertheless, if the reason is because of wrong intent or criminal history, an appeal is needed. If you completed the process on your own, you need to get a Salem County name change lawyer this time.

Call a Salem County Name Change Lawyer at Bhatt Law Group

A Salem County name change lawyer from the Bhatt Law Group can assist you in completing your documents so that you or your child can have a new name. We can also assist with criminal charges or the other parent objects to your child’s name change.

You can feel less worried if you get legal support from a Salem County name change lawyer. If you are interested, please call us at (201) 798-8000 to have a free consultation.