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Site Design Information

Published: Feb 22, 2017 in Site Design

As an entrepreneur with various business interests in addition to my law firm, I knew that my law firm needed a strong online presence to grow in the ways that I wanted.

The Design Process and Goals

Lawyerist Best Law Firm Website

I had successfully built a practice providing criminal defense and family law representation, but wanted to expand into personal injury practice. I also really wanted to build and strengthen my brand as a firm. I had a logo and several niche sites for different aspects of my law practice, but no strong centralized brand.

I worked with Postali to refresh my online presence and build the kind of brand that I wanted for my law firm. I had a vision for what my site would look like and what it would provide for potential clients, and Postali helped me realize that vision.

I knew that I wanted my site to be visually engaging without being too gimmicky. I worked with Postali to select a color scheme, fonts, photos, and other design elements that fit with my aesthetic and goals.

I wanted clear navigation that guides users where they need to go without being confusing. If they have a personal injury case, I wanted it to be immediately clear where they could click to learn about their options and to connect to a personal injury attorney.

We chose to color-code practice areas to make them visually distinctive. We also used large fonts, large icons, and photos of the attorneys who handle each type of case within those practice areas on the site so that a potential client would quickly be able to see who they might talk to when they schedule a consultation.

The nature of my law firm presented some marketing and SEO challenges because it covers multiple practice areas in a wide geographic area. I wanted potential clients to know that we can handle a wide variety of needs throughout New Jersey, that we’re multilingual, and that clients will get individualized attention when they come to Bhatt Law Group for their legal needs.

Postali was responsive to my goals and desires for my firm and created a website that is appealing and modern — and that ranked in the Top 10 on Lawyerist’s recent list of Best Law Firm Websites.

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