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Top 5 Reasons for Divorces

Published: May 31, 2017 in Family Law

Divorce is a complicated topic, and it is often difficult to identify the reason for a marriage being terminated. In a study published by the Austin Institute, it was reported that the 66 percent of participants who wanted a divorce just as much as their spouse had more than one reason for splitting up. In addition, the results showed that women were far more likely than men to identify factors such as physical and emotional abuse. While it may be impossible to see the smoking gun in every divorce case, there are contributing factors that are referenced by divorcees more often than others.

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Common factors in divorces include:


Researchers at Pennsylvania State University report that getting married at an early age does lead to a higher risk of having certain marital problems. If you and your significant other exchange vows as teenagers, for example, conflict may be created by unsteady employment or an inability to handle the realities of the real world. As time goes on, you might also discover things that you dislike about your spouse, such as certain habits or personality traits.

Commitment Issues

A lack of commitment is one of the most common reasons for wanting a divorce according to a study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). While most couples believe that their love will last forever, the truth is that it can fade. In many cases, commitment wanes over time. While you may be dedicated to your spouse during your honeymoon, your priorities and interests may change as the years go by.


In groups that have been surveyed, nearly 90 percent of individuals named infidelity as one of the reasons for seeking a divorce. While cheating is a common reason for breaking up, it is often the final straw as opposed to the cause of a marriage’s slow deterioration. Cheating often happens after years of unhappiness or during ongoing financial troubles that cause constant bickering. Infidelity may also arise out of intense loneliness or the development of an emotional connection with another individual.


When it comes to marital conflicts, the issue lies in how a conflict is resolved rather than the mere presence of a disagreement. Every married couple gets into arguments, but if you or your spouse refuse to arrive at a calm and mutually-beneficial resolution, the disputes could turn into something more. For example, if arguments between you and your significant other always end with no resolution, you may both become bitter whenever a controversial topic is mentioned. You might also develop severe anxiety out of fear that another disagreement is right around the corner.

Finances and Spending Problems

Financial issues are often tied to other problems that can have a devastating impact on a marriage. For example, if your spouse has a substance abuse problem, they may quit their job, or spend all of their money on drugs. Spending might also be tied to health problems, which could be the case if you or your spouse have a debilitating illness. In some situations, however, finances being mishandled can be blamed on bad habits. Maybe you have a gambling problem, or perhaps you go out to eat too often.

Moving Forward with Your Life

There are several factors to consider when contemplating whether getting divorced is the right move. For example, do you both agree that ending things is the best option? Have you considered alternative courses of action, such as marriage counseling or conflict resolution courses? If it is decided that your marriage should end, you will need the help of an experienced Jersey City divorce lawyer. An attorney with Bhatt Law Group can guide you through the process and ensure that the divorce terms are fair.

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