New Jersey Defensive Driving Course

Published: Sep 12, 2017 in Traffic Offenses

Although they are not mandatory, defensive driving courses through Drive Safe Today can improve your driving skills, reduce your risk of getting into an accident that is caused by driver error or adverse conditions, and provide you with several other benefits. If you’re interested in learning more about defensive driving courses in New Jersey and wondering whether they are worth your time, keep reading.

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What You’ll Learn in a New Jersey Defensive Driving Course

In a defensive driving course, you’ll learn a variety of accident prevention techniques and gain a clearer understanding of the driving laws in New Jersey. You’ll also find out how psychological factors like road rage, exhaustion, and stress affect the way you drive. Once you complete a New Jersey defensive driving course, you’ll feel more confident behind the wheel and have the skills and knowledge necessary to keep yourself as well as others safe on the road.

Benefits of Completing a New Jersey Defensive Driving Course

Becoming a safer driver and reducing accident risk is the greatest benefit of completing a defensive driving course. However, there are a few other benefits that often motivate New Jersey drivers to register for a defensive driving course. These benefits include:

  • Lowered Points on Your License- If you are searching for a way to lower the points you’ve accumulated on your driver’s license, completing a defensive driving course is a smart move. Lowering the amount of points on your license can save you from costly fines as well as a driver’s license suspension. You can take two points off your New Jersey driver’s license if you complete a defensive driving course.
  • Less Expensive Car Insurance Premium- Car insurance can get expensive. Fortunately, the completion of a defensive driving course may lead to a reduction in your car insurance premium. The majority of car insurance providers offer a discount of up to 10 percent for three years for anyone who has completed a defensive driving course. It’s important to contact your insurance company to verify that they will reward you with a discount upon course completion.

How to Complete a NJ Defensive Driving Course

If you’re interested in completing a New Jersey defensive driving course, you can register at Drive Safe Today. After you register, you can complete the course online at your own pace. Throughout the six-hour course, you’ll enjoy funny pictures, entertaining stories, and an audio read-along that will keep you engaged.

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