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Criminal Defense


Facing criminal charges can wreak havoc on your life. Protect yourself and your rights with a team of passionate and highly skilled criminal defense attorneys. If you find yourself in a situation involving criminal accusations in Jersey City or surrounding areas, let Bhatt Law Group fight for you.

When you’re charged with a crime, you face a long road ahead. The criminal justice system can be complex and often requires special knowledge to navigate. You don’t have to deal with your situation alone. Call Bhatt Law Group today at (201) 798-8000 to find out how we can help you.

New Jersey Criminal Defense

Consequences of a Criminal Conviction

All criminal convictions have serious penalties and often unexpected consequences. If you’ve been charged with a crime, you need an aggressive criminal defense attorney to fight for you against allegations made.

Some possible consequences of a criminal conviction include:

  • Incarceration
  • Large monetary fines and court fees
  • Probation
  • A permanent criminal record
  • Driver’s License Suspension
  • Restrictions on travel
  • Loss or denial of a professional license
  • Negative effects on your immigration status
  • Inability to find a house to rent or buy
  • Difficulty finding a job
  • Ineligibility for student financial aid

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You

Bhatt Law Group has more than a decade of experience defending good people in Jersey City and surrounding areas against allegations of all kinds. We have the experience to craft an effective criminal defense strategy and make sure your rights are respected throughout the process.

Criminal Offenses – Our team of skilled criminal defense lawyers handles a wide range of charges including DUI, assault, theft, burglary, harassment, property crimes, and public nuisance offenses. We have successfully represented clients faced with relatively minor misdemeanors as well as grievous felonies, and we will use our experience to fight for you.

Criminal Defenses – With a former prosecutor on our team, we know how criminal cases operate and what’s at stake. We will work diligently to learn about every aspect of your case. Once we have all the facts, we will find the flaws in the evidence and craft the best possible defense.

What You Need to Know About the Criminal Justice Process

If you are arrested for a crime, you will be suddenly thrown into the complex criminal justice system. You will face interrogations and an in-depth investigation. Law enforcement authorities may claim to be on your side; however, their questions are targeted and often confusing. They want to find someone guilty and hope that person is you.

If you’ve been arrested, you need to know about the following:

  • Your Rights in a Criminal Investigation – Don’t let investigators scare you. You have rights throughout the criminal investigation process. A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney will protect your rights and make sure they are respected from the beginning.
  • New Jersey Criminal Court Process – Once charges are made, you will face the criminal court process in New Jersey. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney to fight for you against charges made by prosecutors. Bhatt Law Group will make sure your side of the story is heard by the judge and jury.

  • Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney – The criminal justice system caters to attorneys. It can be difficult to navigate the process without one. You need to file specific paperwork and meet important deadlines. Let us handle those details.
  • Expungements – After a conviction, you will want to move forward with life as quickly as possible. Bhatt Law Group can help you obtain an expungement so that your criminal record is clean.

Contact a Jersey City Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you are charged with a crime, you probably feel like the whole world is against you. However, you don’t need to fight allegations on your own. We believe everyone is innocent until proven guilty and will zealously work by your side.

If you or a loved one is charged with a crime in the Jersey City area, trust the skill and experience of Bhatt Law Group. Call us at (201) 798-8000 or use the online form below to schedule a free and confidential consultation today.