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Car Accident Injuries

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. Bhatt Law Group has Jersey City car accident attorneys with years of combined experience in personal injury claims and can help you with your case. Call us for a free consultation so we can discuss your potential legal options.

6 Common Car Accident Injuries

  1. Back and Neck “Whiplash” Injuries

    A whiplash is the most common kind of car accident injury. These are often caused by the sudden, violent jerking motion of the neck and back resulting from a collision. Symptoms include pain that occurs with or without movement, muscle spasms, and, without proper treatment, may lead to more severe spinal cord and nerve injuries. Although whiplash injuries are often considered minor, they can lead to chronic, debilitating pain over time without proper treatment.

  2. Soft Tissue Injuries

    Car accident injuries often involve some form of soft tissue damage. This kind of injury includes strained muscles and sprained ligaments or tendons. They don’t involve visible breaks in the skin or broken bones and are typically localized in the muscles of the shoulders, neck, and back. They may also include contusions or bruises. These injuries are caused by the impact of a crash and can cause pain and soreness that lasts for an extended period.

  3. Cuts, Lacerations, and Fractures

    When car accidents happen, the combination of broken glass and crumpled steel can both pierce the skin and crush bones. Broken windshields and windows can cause severe cuts and lacerations that require immediate medical treatment. Additionally, the crushing impact of steel can cause multiple fractures that may take a long time to heal. Fractures can also cause prolonged and severe pain.

  4. Back and Spinal Cord Injuries

    A car accident may cause a serious enough injury such as a spinal cord fracture that instantly causes paralysis or even death. However, even minor crashes can cause cervical disc injuries or nerve damage. These injuries are often accompanied by debilitating and chronic pain that radiates into a person’s extremities, affect his or her mobility, and may last for the victim’s lifetime. Treatment may include non-surgical care, such as physical therapy, but more often than not, surgery is required for long-term relief.

  5. Brain and Head Injuries

    Speed-related accidents often result in concussions or other forms of head trauma. Visible signs of injury may accompany some head trauma, but often these injuries are closed and do not present with outward signs. A collision can present an extreme risk of violent impact to the brain in the skull, which can cause brain bleeds, bruising, or other traumatic brain injuries. Unfortunately, these injuries are not always immediately apparent and may take some time to surface.

  6. Psychological and Mental Trauma

    Serious car accidents may cause trauma that is not only physical but also psychological. Recurring anxiety and panic attacks may develop after an accident, and, in some instances, a victim may suffer from post-traumatic stress.

A Car Accident Injury Attorney in NJ Can Help

In 2014 alone, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that 2.34 million people were injured in traffic accidents. The kinds of car accident injuries that a driver or passenger can suffer depends on the circumstances around each crash, the level of negligence or recklessness of the responsible party, and the health conditions of the people involved.

Bhatt Law Group has experienced Jersey City personal injury attorneys who have helped people in New Jersey pursue compensation for car accident injuries since 2006. Our attorneys know how to investigate an accident, collect the right evidence, and work with insurance companies, adjusters, and defendants. We will aggressively negotiate for the compensation you deserve for your injuries, and, if necessary, we have experienced trial attorneys who can take your case all the way to court. Don’t hesitate to call us at (201) 798-8000 for a free initial consultation.