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Steps to Take After a Car Accident

If you’ve been injured in a Jersey City car accident, you do not have to pursue a claim against the insurance companies or the negligent driver alone. The experienced car accident lawyers at Bhatt Law Group can help you take steps necessary to protect your rights and obtain compensation for your injuries.

5 Steps to Take After a Car Accident

  1. Seek Medical Treatment and Move to Safety
    The most important thing that you should do immediately after the accident is ensure that you and anyone else involved receive necessary medical treatment. You should assess your physical injuries and go to a hospital if necessary. If you are able, move your vehicle to safety to avoid further injury and damage.

  2. Call the Police
    You should call the police right away so that an officer is present at the scene of the accident. The officer will create a police report at that time, which will be important to any investigation to support a personal injury claim. Do not leave until you are cleared by the authorities to do so.

  3. Collect Information
    Before the scene disperses, you should take the time to collect all relevant identifying information from those involved – names, addresses, driver’s license numbers, vehicle license plate numbers, and auto insurance information. You should also collect contact information from any witnesses present at the scene. Photographs can be important evidence, not only of damages, but also in helping prove liability later. Most people now have mobile devices equipped with cameras, which makes gathering photographic evidence much easier. You should obtain images of the condition of the vehicles involved in the crash, the locations of nearby traffic signals, any skid marks made by vehicles involved, and the physical condition of the drivers or passengers. This evidence may play a crucial role in any personal injury claims you later file.

  4. Notify Insurance Companies
    After the accident, you should promptly notify your insurance company and provide a clear and accurate narrative of the events. In filing a claim and providing any supporting documentation, you should consult first with a personal injury attorney who is experienced in dealing with insurance companies and adjusters.

  5. Collect and Retain Documentation of Costs and Losses
    You should ensure that you have records of all medical visits or treatment after the accident. This should include all diagnostic records, tests, bills for treatment received, and prescriptions. Additionally, you should have documentation of work days that you missed after the accident, including any lost wages. Finally, you should keep a log of any impact that the accident may have had in your personal life, including activities you could not participate in and how your injuries have impacted your relationships with family and friends.

Get an Experienced Jersey City Personal Injury Attorney

A New Jersey car accident is a very traumatic experience. Most people who find themselves in an accident are unprepared and do not know the steps to take after a car accident in order to protect their physical well-being and their rights. Understandably, the aftermath of an accident can be a confusing time, and the victim may be injured and unable to take all the necessary steps in anticipation of any litigation. However, any effort during this time may be crucial to support a claim for compensation.

The best course of action is to consult with a Jersey City car accident lawyer as soon as possible after the accident. You should not accept any settlement offers from an insurance company before you’ve talked to an attorney, particularly since many injuries may not become apparent until much later after the accident. Having an experienced personal injury attorney by your side can help ensure you maximize your recovery and that all required procedures and timeframes relating to your claim are followed.

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