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Broadside accidents are when one car collides with the side of another car. This type of accident goes by several names, such as T-bone accident or right-angle accident. Sometimes a car may crash head-on into the fender of another vehicle rather than directly on its side. This could be labeled as a fender bender accident too. Either way, a broadside accident of any kind can cause significant injury to the victim whose car was hit. The extent of the injuries depends on which side of the vehicle was hit. If the collision occurred on the driver’s side, then the injuries could be permanently disabling and life-changing. 

Broadside accidents typically occur because drivers speed through intersections and ignore traffic lights and stop signs. As for the victims, their vehicles are not equipped with any safety features or protections on the side of their vehicle. The only thing separating the driver and the other vehicle is the door. So, when that vehicle collides with the side of the other vehicle, the victim is totally helpless. There is very little that they can do to avoid the crash and yet, they end up having to suffer the worst injuries from the accident. 

New Jersey takes broadside accidents very seriously. If you have been victimized in such an accident, you do not have to be alone. Just call 201-798-8000 and contact one of our Jersey City broadside accident attorneys immediately. They will assist you in all the legalities of your case, such as dealing with insurance companies and fighting for compensation in court. 

Common Injuries from a Broadside Accident

When a broadside accident occurs, it can be very hard to escape unharmed. There are numerous factors that will determine how serious the accident is and how much damage is inflicted upon you as the victim. The side of your car which gets hit will always be a major factor. If the passenger side is hit, then you may endure less severe injuries on the driver side. Of course, if you have passengers in the vehicle at the time then they will suffer severe injuries. Also, another factor that could make broadside accidents worse is the size of the other vehicle. If a tractor trailer, sports utility vehicle, or light truck were to hit the side of your vehicle, then it will cause serious injuries to everyone in the car no matter which side they’re on. 

Some vehicles come equipped with side airbags but don’t expect them to limit the impact too much. When you have the force of a 2,000-pound vehicle slamming into the side of your car door at over 25 miles per hour, a side airbag will do very little to shield you from the impact. Typically, if the collision causes the door to intrude about 6 inches or more, then your injuries will be serious. If less than 6 inches, you might have moderate injuries which you can recover from within a short amount of time.

Here are some of the common injuries that you can expect from a broadside accident:

  • Internal organ damage
  • Deep abrasions
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Whiplash
  • Broken bones
  • Head trauma
  • Disfigurement
  • Psychological Trauma

Death could also occur too. In that case, the surviving family members have a right to seek compensatory damages and possibly even punitive damages against the driver who as at fault in the accident. But if you have survived the accident and have sustained any kind of injuries from it, then you have the right to seek compensation in court too. 

What to Do Next

There are several steps that you must take after being victimized in a broadside accident. The first steps will be contacting your insurance company and making sure the police are aware of the accident. Chances are, the police will have already been to the accident site if it was severe enough. Now you need to have your insurance company pay for your medical expenses through the personal injury protection coverage that you have with them. New Jersey uses a “no-fault” system which requires you to have your insurance provider pay your medical expenses first. This law was implemented to reduce the number of personal injury lawsuits for injuries that are not too severe. 

Since you have been involved in a broadside accident, your injuries will probably fall into the severe category. And even if you think they don’t, you should still contact a Jersey City broadside accident attorney anyway to get their opinion. Your rights to file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver will depend on the severity of your injuries and the type of insurance policy that you have. If you have a Basic policy, then your right to sue will be limited to permanent injuries and disabilities only. But if you have a Standard policy, this can give you an unlimited right to sue no matter how bad your injuries are. 

Contact a Jersey City Broadside Accident Attorney

Do not wait to call one of our Jersey City broadside accident attorneys after you have been injured in such an accident. We do a lot more than just going to court. We will provide you with assistance and guidance in your accident case from the very beginning. If your insurance company is not paying you the full personal injury protection coverage that you’re entitled to on your policy, we can work with your insurance provider to see that you get the maximum coverage possible for your medical expenses. Like previously stated, this coverage is the first step that you must take in New Jersey whenever you have been injured.

To schedule your free consultation, call our customer service department at 201-798-8000. You will get to meet with a Jersey City broadside accident attorney that will review your case thoroughly. Bring copies of the police report, medical report, and any other relevant documentation that you have about the accident. Based on the details of the case, we can offer you legal guidance on the best course of action to take next. Our mission is to get you the maximum amount of compensatory damages and punitive damages that the law will allow.