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A sideswipe accident occurs when one vehicle moves out of their lane and hits the side of another vehicle that is in the other lane. There are a lot of possible reasons why this could occur. For instance, a driver who is distracted by their smartphone may inadvertently drift out of their lane and hit the side of another car that is trying to pass by. The driver may also be intoxicated with poor judgment, so they don’t realize what they’re doing. In more serious cases, the driver moves aggressively to the side to dodge another car or prevent a head-on accident. But in the process, they end up sideswiping another vehicle that is next to them.

You may think that sideswiping is no big deal because you are not hitting someone in a head-on or rear-end collision, which are certainly worse types of accidents. However, sideswipe accidents can still do significant damage to one or both vehicles. As for the occupants of those vehicles, they could suffer significant injuries from such an accident too. The driver and their occupants will likely be knocked to the side of the cabin after they get sideswiped. It all depends on the speed and severity in which one car sideswipes another.

If your vehicle ever gets sideswiped and you suffer any kind of personal injury from the incident, you are entitled to receive compensation for your pain and suffering. Simply contact our Jersey City sideswipe accident attorney at Bhatt Law Group and learn about your rights to compensation under the law. You can give us a call at 201-798-8000 to arrange a free consultation about your case.

Different Types of Sideswipes

A sideswipe can occur whenever you’re on a road with two or more lanes, whether they are opposite lanes traveling in different directions or just lanes going in the same direction. The two types of sideswipe collisions can be classified as “same direction sideswipes” and “opposite direction sideswipes.” Do not confuse them with T-bone collisions where one car drives head-on into the side of another vehicle. All sideswiping accidents involve the sides of two cars colliding together, regardless of the direction they were traveling.

Same direction sideswipes occur between two vehicles moving in the same direction after one driver turns to the side and hits the other vehicle. Opposite direction sideswipes occur if two vehicles are traveling in opposite directions on a divided road and one driver illegally turns into the oncoming lane and hits the side of the other vehicle. The latter could easily become a head-on collision if the at-fault driver were to turn directly in front of the other vehicle before it passes by. However, in an opposite direction sideswipe, the sides of the two vehicles collide before the driver has a chance to get any further into the opposite lane.

Sideswipe accidents are difficult to prevent if you are a law-abiding driver. It only takes a split second for a sideswipe accident to occur. One moment you may think that everything is fine on the road but then, some other driver next to you just turns into the side of your vehicle out of the blue. This gives you virtually no time to react so that you can avoid the accident.

The Possible Injuries of a Sideswipe Accident

In the United States, there are over 240,000 sideswipe accidents each year. This information comes directly from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety. In New Jersey alone, there are an average of 19,500 sideswipe accidents each year. This makes up approximately 12% of all the accidents that occur in the state. This might not seem like a high percentage, but it is actually higher than the average percentage of head-on and backing collisions. Therefore, sideswipe accidents are a lot more common than you may realize. When they do occur, the victims can experience both severe and minor injuries.

Below are the common types of injuries that are experienced form sideswipe accidents.

  • Spinal Disc Injury – The worst possible injury from a sideswipe accident is an injury to your spinal disc. This will create a whole plethora of symptoms, including headaches, lower back pain, numbness, neck pain, insomnia, muscle weakness and more. If you suffer from any of these symptoms, then you may have a spinal disc injury without even realizing it. This type of injury will earn you the most compensation.
  • Back Injury – Back injuries are quite common in a sideswipe accident. During a sideswipe, the body receives a blow to the side which could cause minor or major trauma to the back.
  • Neck Injury – A sideswipe accident can cause your neck to get jerked around from side-to-side. This is called whiplash and it can cause minor or severe neck injuries. Neck pain is likely to follow for an indefinite period of time.

If you have experienced these injuries or any other injuries from a sideswipe accident, it is time to take action immediately.

Consult with a Jersey City Sideswipe Accident Attorney

If you are the victim of a sideswipe accident, you need to first seek compensation for your medical expenses from your insurance company. New Jersey has a no-fault insurance system which requires drivers to get as much of their medical expenses paid by their insurance provider as possible before filing a lawsuit. The personal injury protection coverage on your insurance policy will determine the amount that gets paid toward your medical expenses.

Whether you have a standard or basic policy, the minimum amount of coverage you’re required to have is $15,000. The maximum coverage that you can elect to have is $250,000. It all depends on how much coverage you elected to have when you applied for your insurance plan. However, the injuries that you’ve sustained from a sideswipe car accident may result in much higher medical expenses than what your insurance will cover. If so, you have the right to seek personal injury compensation from the driver that caused the accident.

Our Jersey City sideswipe accident attorneys have years of experience handling personal injury claims for their clients. We will fight hard for you in court to ensure that you receive every bit of compensation that you deserve for the injuries that you’ve sustained. To get started, schedule your appointment for a free consultation and case review with one of our Jersey City sideswipe accident attorneys. Simply call 201-798-8000 and an attorney will assist you.