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Are you in need of a Jersey City criminal attorney? Before you give a statement to the police or proceed any further with your case, you will need the professional legal team of Bhatt Law Group to be by your side every step of the way.

Jersey City is the largest city in Hudson County, New Jersey. It has a population of approximately 265,549 people, according to the 2018 Population Estimates Program by the Census Bureau. It is also the 2nd most populous city in the entire state of New Jersey.

Over the years, Bhatt Law Group has represented hundreds of clients who were charged with a wide range of crimes in Jersey City. Our criminal defense attorneys have several decades of experience between them all. We can offer you support, and professional legal representation as you face criminal charges, no matter how minor or severe they may be.

Of course, all criminal charges are serious because they can change your life forever. Even if you don’t get convicted of a crime, a simple arrest on your record is enough to make things more difficult for you if you want to get a job or take out a loan. But a conviction would be so much worse, and it would handicap you for life. That is why you need our services so that we can give you the strongest defense possible for your case.

We cover the following types of crimes:

– Assault & Battery
– Driving Under the Influence / Driving While Intoxicated
– Drug Possession
– Traffic offenses
– Suspended Driver’s License
– Theft
– White Collar Crimes
– All Felony Crimes
– Probation Violation
– Restraining Orders

What type of crime are you being charged with? Whether you see it on this list or not, give us a call anyway, and we’ll see what we can do for you. We offer free consultations to all new potential clients. Our customer support number is (201) 798-8000.

The Importance of Avoiding a Criminal Conviction

Never choose to represent yourself in a criminal case. One criminal conviction can alter the course of your life forever, even if it is a misdemeanor. Below are just some of the consequences that can stem from a criminal conviction.

Student Financial Aid Ineligibility

If you have plans to go to college and need to pay for the tuition with financial aid, then you might have a problem doing so with a criminal conviction on your record. Certain crimes will make you ineligible to receive future financial aid. If you have questions about this, then our defense attorneys can answer them for you.


No one ever thinks they’ll go to prison until they hear the judge hand down a sentence of prison time. Incarceration is perhaps the worst consequence of a criminal conviction because your freedoms and liberties are taken away from you. There is no telling how long you could end up in prison if convicted of a crime.

Don’t assume that it won’t happen because it can, even if it is a white-collar crime. The benefit of hiring a defense attorney versus a public defender is that we’ll work overtime to present a valid defense so that you can either avoid incarceration altogether or get the least amount of prison time possible.

Inability to Find Suitable Employment

It is difficult enough to find a job when you don’t have a criminal conviction on your record. Can you imagine how much more difficult it would be to find a job if you did have a criminal conviction? Most of your employment opportunities would be reduced to low-wage jobs with no potential for growth. Please don’t let yourself get to this point without doing everything possible to avoid it. That is why you should call our defense attorneys to defend you against the criminal charges that you face.


If you are fortunate enough to avoid prison time after a criminal conviction, you will likely be given a probationary sentence. Probation allows you to remain living in the community, but you must obey certain rules and restrictions for a specific number of years.

This would include reporting to a probation officer on a regular basis, maintaining employment, and not getting into any more trouble. Other conditions may be set by the judge, which must be obeyed. Otherwise, your probation will be revoked, and a prison sentence will be issued.

Travel Restrictions

If you want to travel out of state or out of the country after a criminal conviction, then you may face certain travel restrictions. It depends on the severity of the crimes and whether you’re on probation or parole. If you are not on probation or parole, then you will have a bit more freedom in terms of travel. However, you may run into trouble if you try to get approved for a passport. Talk to an attorney if you have concerns about this.

Inability to Own a Firearm

A felony conviction is an even bigger scar on your permanent record. If you are a proud Second Amendment supporter who believes in the right to own firearms, then you will have to give up that right if you are convicted of a felony. Federal law prohibits convicted felons from owning firearms.

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As you can see, criminal charges are a serious matter. The consequences of a conviction could be devastating, which is why you must choose the best defense team possible to assist you.

Bhatt Law Group has years of experience with all kinds of criminal cases in Jersey City. We have a vast track record of winning our clients their freedom or a reduced sentence. Our attorneys are trained to examine all the evidence of a criminal case in order to come up with the best defense possible for our clients. You can trust that we’ll go the extra mile in giving you a strong defense with the best possible outcome.

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