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Case Results

Palisades False ID Charge Reduced

Published in Criminal Defense

Recently, a college student found himself in the unsettling position of being charged with possession of a fraudulent driver’s license after a series of events at a local park ended with a police officer requesting to see his identification. The man knew that this type…

Man Charged with Stealing $92,000 in Millburn Avoids Jail

Published in Criminal Defense, Theft

In Millburn, New Jersey a man employed at a local department was recently charged with theft for stealing $92,000. Allegedly, the man was performing fraudulent refunds and issuing gift cards to acquaintances without actually exchanging merchandise. Due to the amount that was taken, this charge…

Man in Carteret Avoids 12-point License Suspension

Published in Traffic Offenses

Most people would agree that driving is a necessity. Whether driving is part of your job or you are simply trying to get around town, serious problems can arise if you lose your ability to drive, as a man from Carteret recently learned. Like many…