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Jersey City Theft Lawyers

Is Theft a Felony or Misdemeanor in New Jersey?

Published: Nov 06, 2017 in Criminal Defense, Theft

If someone believes you have taken possession or control of something that does not belong to you, then you may end up facing theft charges in New Jersey. But what does that really mean? If you have never been charged with a crime before, you…

Civil Penalties for Theft in New Jersey

Published: Mar 31, 2017 in Criminal Defense, Theft

If you are convicted of a theft offense in New Jersey, the consequences may be broader and more expensive than you thought possible. Criminal penalties range from months or years in prison to tens of thousands of dollars in fees and fines. On top of…

Man Charged with Stealing $92,000 in Millburn Avoids Jail

Published: Feb 13, 2017 in Criminal Defense, Theft

In Millburn, New Jersey a man employed at a local department was recently charged with theft for stealing $92,000. Allegedly, the man was performing fraudulent refunds and issuing gift cards to acquaintances without actually exchanging merchandise. Due to the amount that was taken, this charge…