New Jersey’s Most Dangerous Intersections

Published: Apr 14, 2017 in Personal Injury

Driving on a straight path without having to deal with traffic signals is fairly easy for most drivers. However, when pedestrians, bicyclists, stop signs, turn signals, and other elements enter the mix, things start getting more complicated. Intersections can be tricky to navigate, and unfortunately, many fatal accidents occur at these junctions.

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Most Dangerous Intersections

Because of its crowded streets, New Jersey has its fair share of car-related accidents, and intersections are especially dangerous. Here are some of the most dangerous intersections in the state:

  • East Jersey Street and Spring Street in Elizabeth. TIME magazine named this intersection one of the 12 deadliest in the United States. This intersection tied as second-worst, with six deadly accidents there in a 10-year period between 2003 and 2012.
  • Route 18 and Paulus Boulevard in New Brunswick. This is touted as the most dangerous intersection in the city, and the seventh most dangerous in the county. On average, at least one accident happens there every other week. Between 2010 and 2014, there were 173 crashes at this intersection. While the intersection is not constructed in an unusual way, it is close to two major freeways – Interstate 95 and Route 1 – which means it gets a lot of traffic.
  • Interstate 95 and Route 4 in Fort Lee. This intersection is the second-worst in the nation when it comes to semi-truck bottlenecks. The average speed during rush hour is about 27 mph. The infrastructure is outdated and it’s best to avoid it if you’re in a hurry.

Dangers and How to Avoid Them

Many dangers lurk at intersections. These include pedestrians, bicyclists, distracted drivers, dim lighting, and poor signage. These issues can cause confusion, which can lead to serious accidents.

However, you can avoid a dangerous situation with safe driving practices:

  • Don’t be in a hurry.
  • Stay under the speed limit.
  • Look both ways before crossing an intersection.
  • Be alert and watch for people in the road.
  • Always obey traffic signs and signals.

Jersey City Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You

Intersections tend to be busy and complicated. Poor signage, confusing traffic signals and road layouts, lack of lighting, and pedestrians can make driving a challenge. Accidents are quite common. In an instant, you can become seriously injured.

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