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Personal Injury


Common Causes of New Jersey Motorcycle Accidents

Published: Sep 19, 2017 in Personal Injury

It can be thrilling to ride on a motorcycle. Regardless of whether a motorcycle is your main mode of transportation or you only ride it on the weekends, you must be careful. Motorcycle accidents are often more serious than accidents that involve cars and trucks…

Dangers of Faulty Brakes

Published: Aug 31, 2017 in Personal Injury

Your brakes are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. When a car or truck’s brakes are faulty or in disrepair, drivers take a serious gamble every time they head out on the road. Each time a driver pushes down on the brake…

Seat Belt Safety When You’re Pregnant

Published: Jul 14, 2017 in Personal Injury

Seat belts save lives, including those of babies yet to be born. This is why the March of Dimes encourages seat belt safety when you’re pregnant. They reduce the risk of both you and your baby being badly hurt in an automobile accident. Bhatt Law…

5 Bike Safety Tips to Avoid Accidents

Published: Jun 30, 2017 in Personal Injury

Warm weather means enjoying the great outdoors, and what better way to do that than taking a ride on your bike? Cycling in your neighborhood, through the park, or even on the open road is great exercise and healthy dose of fun, but it still…

Car Seat Recommendations for Children

Published: Jun 16, 2017 in Personal Injury

Car seat selection is critical to ensure the safety of your child. Not only must the car seat fit in your vehicle, but you must also make certain to select it based on your child’s age and size. Carefully following car seat recommendations can prevent…

Settlement Negotiations in Personal Injury Cases

Published: May 09, 2017 in Personal Injury

If you have been injured by another person and filed a lawsuit as a result, you will likely find yourself in settlement negotiations. Settlement negotiations are common in lawsuits, and they are especially likely to happen if an insurance company is involved. At some point…