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$85K Settlement For Rear-End Motor Vehicle Accident in Jersey City with Minimal Property Damage

Published in Personal Injury

The experienced New Jersey personal injury attorneys at Bhatt Law Group reached a settlement of $85,000.00 for a Plaintiff injured when she was involved in a rear-end motor vehicle accident in Jersey City, NJ. As a result of the accident, our client sustained neck and back pain including an aggravation of her left shoulder injury which she had previously undergone surgery resulting in five (5) epidural steroid injections into her lumbar spine.

Our client was operating her own motor vehicle when she was struck by an uninsured motorist. Upon diligent investigation confirming the liability party was uninsured at the time of the subject accident, an appropriate uninsured motorist (“UM”) claim was established with our client’s automobile insurance carrier, New Jersey Manufacturers. Due to our client’s extensive treatment and NJM’s unwillingness to resolve the claim, our office filed a lawsuit naming NJM as a direct Defendant in attempt to collect our client’s UM policy coverage limits. The motor vehicle accident had such a significant and powerful impact on our client’s physical well being that she was forced to early retirement as a federal air marshal since she was unable to carry out her job duties/responsibilities.

After extensive litigation and discovery exchanges, we successfully managed to settle our client’s case immediately following Non-Binding Arbitration without the necessity of engaging into Trial and expending further costs for experts’ witness testimony.

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