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Criminal Charges Dismissed Or Reduced For 19-Year-Old

Published in Criminal Defense

If you are facing the harsh consequences of multiple criminal charges in New Jersey, it is vital to have a skilled criminal defense attorney by your side, preferably one who has experience maneuvering through the often complex court and sentencing procedures to find the best result possible. A veteran criminal defense attorney will not only strive to set you free, but his or her experience will be critical when you need to reduce the aftermath of a conviction.

Recently, a 19-year-old man from Weehawken found himself in a very difficult position after a few separate run-ins with the law resulted in numerous and very serious criminal charges, which if convicted would certainly negatively impact his life and likely send him to prison for a significant period. After these incidents, the young man was charged with four counts of disorderly person, possession of marijuana, possession of CDS in a motor vehicle, a DUI, a DUI in a school zone, reckless driving, and one count of eluding the police. In total, these crimes could result in excessive fines, the loss of his license for at least two years for the CDS, reckless driving, and DUI violations, in addition to another three to five years in prison for the indictable charge of eluding the police (as well as a two-year jail sentence for the disorderly persons and CDS charges). With the severity of the charges against him, the man knew that he’d need equally serious legal representation and reached out to the criminal defense attorneys at the Bhatt Law Group in his time of distress.

After taking the case, the Jersey City attorneys at the Bhatt Law Group set to work in an effort to alleviate this young man’s grave legal concerns. Through their wide-ranging experience with New Jersey’s criminal court process, they effectively consolidated their client’s numerous charges into a single case and began negotiating with the prosecutor. During these discussions, the Bhatt Law Group achieved a dismissal to the DUI in a school zone, the reckless driving, and the CDS offenses; a reduction of the marijuana possession charges to lesser drug paraphernalia violations that did not include jail time; and an amendment of the indictable eluding charge to a disorderly persons charge of resisting arrest. In the end, this young client was saved thousands of dollars in fines, would only need to serve one-year of probation for his reduced charges, and a seven-month license suspension for the remaining DUI, which is a tremendous result that may not have been possible without the zealous advocacy he received from the Bhatt Law Group.

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