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College Student Enrolled in Diversion Program for Marijuana and CDS Charges

Published in Criminal Defense

Recently, a college student from Pennsylvania found himself in a tough situation after he was charged with possession of marijuana as well as a CDS in a motor vehicle citation. This young student was now faced with penalties including up to six months in jail, $1,000 in fines, a six-month loss of his license for the marijuana possession charge, and an additional mandatory two-year license suspension for the CDS offense. Obviously worried about the impact these drug charges could have on his life as well as his ability to drive, he decided to consult with the capable New Jersey criminal defense attorneys at Bhatt Law Group.

The highly skilled attorneys with Bhatt Law Group took the young man’s case and began working to alleviate his concerns. This led his attorneys to discuss the case with the prosecutor, who were persuaded to allow their client’s participation in the Conditional Discharge Program. By enrolling in this six-month diversion program, the client avoided a guilty plea and the loss of his license. This removed the client’s anxiety because after completing the program, and due to Bhatt Law Group’s effective legal representation, all of his charges would also be dismissed, sparing him from any collateral impact for a marijuana or CDS conviction.

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