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Effective Legal Representation Leads to Positive Outcome in DCPP Investigation

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Our client received a notice from the Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCPP) that they were under investigation for alleged child abuse or neglect. The DCPP had received a report of potential abuse or neglect and was required to investigate the matter.

Our client was terrified by the prospect of losing custody of their child and retained our services to represent them in the DCPP investigation. The attorneys at Bhatt Law Group immediately began preparing a defense and gathered evidence to support our client’s innocence.

Throughout the investigation, Bhatt Law Group worked closely with our client to ensure that their rights were protected and that their side of the story was heard. The attorneys at Bhatt Law Group also communicated with the DCPP and provided them with the evidence and information needed to clear our client of any wrongdoing.

After a thorough investigation, the DCPP ultimately determined that our client was not responsible for any abuse or neglect and closed the case. Our client was relieved and grateful to have the case successfully resolved with the help of Bhatt Law Group.

Bhatt Law Group is proud to have helped our client navigate the difficult and stressful process of a DCPP investigation and to have successfully resolved the case in their favor. If you or a loved one are facing a DCPP investigation in New Jersey, do not hesitate to contact Bhatt Law Group for experienced and compassionate representation.