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Forty-One Traffic Violations Dismissed For Motorcyclist

Published in Criminal Defense

Recently, the experienced New Jersey traffic lawyers with the Bhatt Law Group aided a motorcycle enthusiast from Bridgewater Township who found himself in a very precarious position. Allegedly, police officers saw a motorcycle rider in a dark helmet and non-descriptive clothing driving recklessly at a high rate of speed. Unfortunately, this individual was weaving through traffic and violating numerous traffic regulations, so police were unable to pull the rider over to acquire a proper identification and issue the appropriate tickets. Instead, the tickets were mailed to the individual associated with the rider’s license plate number. When the license holder received these traffic violations, he was shocked to learn that he now faced 41 separate traffic tickets for a total of 84 possible points on his license. Since this amount of points would assuredly result in the indefinite loss of his license (and even included the possibility of some time behind bars), the man quickly decided to retain the services of the Bhatt Law Group.

The Bhatt Law Group immediately began working on behalf of their client and represented him in five separate court appearances in an effort to remove these harsh ramifications. During these proceedings, and in an ongoing negotiation process with the prosecution, the Bhatt Law Group effectually argued that the charges could not be substantiated because the officers could not positively identify their client as the rider. The prosecution eventually conceded that they could not properly identify their client and dismissed all of the citations. This was an outstanding outcome considering the litany of violations, and the client was very pleased to maintain his driving privileges and quite possibly his freedom.

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