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Jamesburg Woman Keeps Her License and Sees a Dismissal in DWI Case

Published in Criminal Defense

Not long ago, the Jersey City criminal defense and DWI lawyers of Bhatt Law Group assisted a woman in Jamesburg, NJ, when she faced the unforgiving reality of being charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI) along with other traffic violations, such as reckless driving and careless driving. Apparently, after the woman suffered a seizure and struck a stop sign, officers responded and had her transported to the hospital. Eventually, the officer cited the woman for the traffic offenses and added the DWI offense after she admitted to taking 30 mg of a narcotic at some point before driving. In addition to the usual legal penalties for impaired driving like time behind bars and hefty fines, the woman was also very worried about having her license suspended.

These valid legal and practical concerns led her to Bhatt Law Group for a consultation to discuss the incident in detail. After taking the case, the skilled DWI attorneys with Bhatt Law Group reviewed all the available evidence and pursued the best possible outcome for their client. Through an exhaustive investigation, it became apparent that the prosecution could not prove the DWI because there was no scientific test showing drugs or alcohol in her system. After pointing out the clear deficiencies in the state’s case, the DWI and careless driving charges were dismissed. In the end, the client agreed to the reckless driving citation, which allowed her to retain her license, making it easy to move on after this unfortunate incident.

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