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Man in Carteret Avoids 12-point License Suspension

Published in Criminal Defense

Most people would agree that driving is a necessity. Whether driving is part of your job or you are simply trying to get around town, serious problems can arise if you lose your ability to drive, as a man from Carteret recently learned. Like many New Jersey drivers, this man accumulated some points on his license due to a few previous traffic offenses. However, because of New Jersey’s point system, when he reached 12 points the Motor Vehicle Commission moved forward and scheduled a suspension. When the man learned of the impending loss of his driving privileges, he obviously wanted to protect his driving record and reached out to the knowledgeable traffic lawyers at Bhatt Law Group.

Once retained, the traffic attorneys with Bhatt Law Group meticulously reviewed their client’s driving record and the official notifications he received from the Motor Vehicle Commission regarding his prior violations and his potential suspension. This thorough approach led Bhatt Law Group’s traffic lawyers to successfully argue that this suspension could not stand because the Commission failed to provide their client with sufficient warnings regarding a point related suspension. As an alternative measure, Bhatt Law Group proposed that their client would be more than willing to participate in a driver improvement program. The Commission agreed with this suggestion and eliminated the suspension, contingent upon this client completing the program. The client was very relieved with this outcome, which allowed him to maintain his license so he could easily move on without further concern.

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