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Man Charged with Stealing $92,000 in Millburn Avoids Jail

Published in Criminal Defense

In Millburn, New Jersey a man employed at a local department was recently charged with theft for stealing $92,000. Allegedly, the man was performing fraudulent refunds and issuing gift cards to acquaintances without actually exchanging merchandise. Due to the amount that was taken, this charge was heightened to a 2nd-degree indictable offense and possibly looking at 5 to 10 years in prison. Based on the severity of his circumstances, he knew that he’d need a qualified New Jersey criminal defense attorney with ample experience dealing with and interpreting the complicated aspects of theft cases. Therefore, he retained the services of the Bhatt Law Group.

With their considerable knowledge of New Jersey criminal court proceedings, the man’s attorneys appeared at seven separate court appearances on his behalf. During this process, the Bhatt Law Group worked tirelessly so their client could avoid jail. Ultimately, and due in large part to the arguments made by Bhatt Law Group, rather than a lengthy sentence, the Judge allowed this client to enter the Pre-Trial Intervention Program for three years as long as he pled guilty to the theft charge. This required him to complete 150 hours of community service and arrange a payment restitution plan for the amount taken. It is important to note that after the amount is repaid and the terms of the Pre-Trial program are completed, the guilty plea for theft will be vacated and the client’s criminal record will once again become clear.

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