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Man Sees Marijuana Charges Dismissed in West Orange

Published in Criminal Defense

Facing drug charges in New Jersey can be a daunting experience; however, having effective legal representation can make all the difference in your case. Not long ago, a man was pulled over in West Orange, New Jersey for a traffic violation, but when the police smelled marijuana, the man was searched and subsequently charged with possession of marijuana and operating a motor vehicle while in possession of marijuana, in addition to his traffic citation. These drug charges not only put his criminal record at risk, but he could potentially be subjected to a driver’s license suspension and maybe even spend some time behind bars. To review his legal options and hopefully find a more manageable outcome, the man contacted Bhatt law Group and our experienced Jersey City criminal defense lawyers.

By utilizing our considerable knowledge regarding similar drug cases and New Jersey’s criminal court procedure, we began working to protect his interests. We made numerous demands for the prosecution to produce discovery documents including lab results and reports, but they were not received. Through our meticulous representation and attention to details, after a few separate court appearances, we obtained a judge’s order specifying that enough time and opportunity had passed without the necessary discovery items being turned over. As a result of not producing their alleged evidence, the prosecution dismissed all of the drug charges, which may not have been possible without our aggressive approach to his case.

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