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Marijuana Possession and Other Charges Dismissed in North Bergen

Published in Criminal Defense

Not long ago, the dedicated Jersey City criminal defense attorneys at Bhatt Law Group assisted a young man in North Bergen when some very serious criminal charges put him in a dreadful position. Apparently, the man was pulled over and during this traffic stop, he was repeatedly questioned by the police whether he had illicit substances in his vehicle. Even though the young man denied having any illicit substances, the officer continued to ask the same question(s) and threatened him if he did not give the officer what he believed to be in his possession. After an unnecessarily long period, the man relented, searched his own vehicle, and produced a bag of marijuana from the rear passenger area of his vehicle. As a result, the officers charged him with possession of marijuana (under 50 grams), CDS in a motor vehicle, a broken taillight, and having an obstructed windshield. If convicted of these charges, the man faced substantial fines as well as possible time behind bars and a lengthy driver’s license suspension for the marijuana possession and CDS offenses. To effectively deal with these various charges and hopefully avoid the drawbacks of a drug conviction, the man knew that he needed to consult with a highly skilled legal professional.

After coming to Bhatt Law Group, the man’s criminal defense attorneys knew that their client’s future and in turn his freedom were at stake. To provide him with the strongest possible defense, Bhatt Law Group reviewed the situation and filed a motion to suppress the evidence collected by the police. The motion asserted that the search of their client’s car was unconstitutional and violated his 4th Amendment rights. His attorneys passionately argued on his behalf and in the end, the Court agreed that the length of time, as well as the way their client was questioned, were unconstitutional. Therefore, the marijuana evidence was suppressed and the drug charges against him were completely dismissed. By choosing experienced criminal defense attorneys from Bhatt Law Group, this client can now easily move on after this incident without any negative ramifications like a license suspension, a lingering drug conviction, or any time behind bars.

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