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New Jersey DUI Suspension Reduced After An Out Of State Conviction

Published in Criminal Defense

Not long ago, the knowledgeable Jersey City DUI defense lawyers with the Bhatt Law Group assisted a man from Springfield, NJ after a DUI conviction in New York put his ability to drive in New Jersey in excessive jeopardy. While the court in New York could only suspend his driving privileges in that state, eventually the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission was alerted to the conviction and decided to impose a seven -month DUI suspension as well. The man obviously wanted to avoid such a lengthy suspension and in an effort to deal with this unexpected situation, he sought out top-notch representation from extremely capable New Jersey attorneys.

Once retained, the Bhatt Law Group thoroughly went over the details of his previous New York conviction and requested a hearing with the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. The attorneys with the Bhatt Law Group argued that a seven-month suspension is actually allotted for a New Jersey offender with a higher tier BAC, otherwise, a 90-day suspension is customary. Since their client’s New York offense only listed him as driving with a BAC of above .08, there was no way to ascertain if he actually met the higher tier criteria. As such, the Motor Vehicle Commission agreed and reduced the suspension period to a more manageable 90-days.

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