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No Driving Suspension and DWI Dismissed for Woman in New Jersey

Published in Criminal Defense

Not long ago, Bhatt Law Group’s team of Jersey City criminal defense and DWI lawyers aided a woman, when she faced the harsh realities of being charged with driving under the influence and reckless driving. Apparently, after being stopped by the police, she submitted to a breathalyzer that showed her BAC was .07, which is under the legal limit, but she was nevertheless charged. This created a very precarious situation because, in addition to the usual legal penalties for driving under the influence, like jail time and hefty fines, the young woman was also very worried about having her license suspended since she was a business student and would need to regularly drive out of town.

Her anxieties led her to our offices and after a consultation, we started working to protect her ability to drive and reduce the other possible consequences. By negotiating with the prosecution and after discussing the situation, our Jersey City DWI lawyers effectively achieved a dismissal of the DWI in exchange for the client pleading to the reckless driving ticket. This arrangement preserved our client’s driving privileges so she could continue her education and easily move on with her life.

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