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Not Guilty Verdict and No Points for Newark Man in Careless Driving Trial

Published in Criminal Defense

When a Newark man was cited for careless driving in Maplewood, New Jersey, he knew that he’d likely be penalized harshly with the addition of two points on his driver’s license. He wanted to avoid the negative impact of these points, which would include significantly higher insurance premiums, so he decided to speak with a veteran New Jersey traffic attorney with Bhatt Law Group to review his options.

After retaining the services of an experienced traffic lawyer, Bhatt Law Group fervently represented this client’s interests. During trial, his attorney argued that the prosecution could not prove their client drove in a manner that endangered people or property. Due to the aggressive representation that this client received from Bhatt Law Group, he was ultimately found not guilty and spared from any adverse consequences or costly points on his license, which may not have been possible without such capable legal counsel.

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