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Case Results

Restraining Order Lifted For Father In Mercer County

Published in Family Law

Few situations are as emotionally jarring as those involving claims of domestic violence. Dealing with the aftermath of these situations often requires the skill of a very capable New Jersey family lawyer to protect your rights. For example, in Mercer County, a man contacted the…

Mother Retains Guardianship In Gloucester

Published in Family Law

Recently, a woman from Gloucester came to the Jersey City family law attorneys at Bhatt Law Group, when the guardianship and parental rights to her children were put in jeopardy. This woman was obviously very concerned and knew that she would need serious legal representation…

Settlement In Bergen County Divorce For Longer Alimony Period

Published in Family Law

While ending a marriage in New Jersey may seem like a fairly straightforward legal process, anyone who has been divorced will probably tell you that it can be emotionally difficult and legally complicated. To reduce these complexities and achieve a favorable outcome, it is best…