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Passaic Man Sees Reduced Suspension After Several DWI Charges

Published in Criminal Defense

If you are accused of any crime, it is important to find a defense attorney with extensive knowledge regarding the criminal court process. This experience recently aided a man from Passaic, NJ, when he was charged with a litany of DWI-related offenses including DWI, refusing a DWI test, DWI in a school zone, and an open container violation. With the seriousness of these various DWI charges, the man knew that he was facing possible jail time and losing his ability to drive for a considerable period. Therefore, he sought out the veteran New Jersey DWI defense lawyers with Bhatt Law Group in his time of need.

Based on their significant experience dealing with New Jersey DWI cases, the Bhatt Law Group thoroughly explained the process, indicating that he would likely be subjected to a one-year suspension of his driving privileges for the test refusal. Undeterred, the Bhatt Law Group constructed a defense strategy centered around discrepancies in the police officer’s citation. Essentially, the officer listed an incorrect statute; however, the mistake could be corrected if it was discovered within 90 days. Therefore, the Bhatt Law Group strategically postponed their client’s case to review evidence and consult with experts until the state no longer had the opportunity to replace the citation. Eventually, this led the Bhatt Law Group to successfully achieve the dismissal of several of the charges, including the DWI refusal in exchange for pleading to the initial DWI. Due to the man’s sound decision to seek proper legal representation, he would only have his license suspended for three months, as opposed to a year.

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