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Out of State Driver Avoids Increased Insurance Rates After A Ticket

Published in Criminal Defense

Recently, a man from Hempstead, NY received a ticket in New Jersey for failing to obey a traffic control device. While this is normally a two-point offense for a New Jersey driver, he wouldn’t see any impact to his New York license because generally, points do not transfer from New Jersey to New York. However, the man quickly realized that when his insurance rates were reconsidered, his insurance company would not care which side of the state line he was on and they would likely subject him to a higher insurance rate. Therefore, with the goal of protecting his favorable insurance premiums, he consulted with the knowledgeable Jersey City traffic lawyers with the Bhatt Law Group. They immediately began negotiating on his behalf. The Bhatt Law Group successfully achieved a reduction to a zero-point infraction for obstructing traffic, which ultimately would have no negative insurance repercussions, which was a great relief to the client.

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