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Two-Point Traffic Ticket Reduced in Newark

Published in Criminal Defense

Not long ago, in Newark, NJ a man was pulled over and issued a traffic ticket for failing to yield to a pedestrian. While most would probably consider a traffic ticket for such a violation a mere inconvenience, it is important to remember that admitting guilt to this type of infraction also results in the addition of two points on your driver’s license. Since this man wanted to preserve a clean driving history, he decided to contact the Jersey City traffic lawyers with Bhatt Law Group.

By utilizing their extensive experience in the New Jersey traffic courts and well-cultivated relationships, the traffic attorneys of the Bhatt Law Group convinced the prosecutor involved to amend this client’s violation to a much less severe citation for obstructing traffic. Due to their effective representation, this client was only subject to an $89 fine and he was able to protect his driving record from any unwanted points.

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