Winter Slip & Fall Accidents in New Jersey

Published: Jan 09, 2017 in Personal Injury

The onset of winter weather can create the perfect conditions for slip and fall injuries to occur. Winter slip and fall accidents are a common occurrence during these cold months, with streets and sidewalks becoming covered with ice and snow. These kinds of accidents can result in serious, disabling injuries that require treatment and cost you time away from work and loved ones.

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident, you may be entitled to compensation for damages you suffered. Bhatt Law Group may be able to help you file a claim and get the compensation that you deserve from property owners and other negligent parties. Don’t hesitate to call one of our experienced Jersey City slip and fall attorneys today at (201) 798-8000 for an initial evaluation of your case so we can help you map out your next steps.

Common Causes of Winter Slip & Fall Accidents

Many winter slip and fall accidents happen in parking lots or sidewalks outside of commercial establishments. During the winter months, ice can quickly form on the surface of these walkways, which, if untreated, can be hazardous to pedestrian traffic. Pre-existing conditions, such as clogged drains, can cause water to melt and then refreeze into even more dangerous ice patches that can result in slip and fall accidents. Sloped surfaces can also result in water puddles that freeze into patches of dangerous ice. Snow accumulation can cover pre-existing dangers on the ground, which pedestrians can’t see while walking. These unseen obstacles are tripping hazards that can cause people to fall and hit hard surfaces.

Another cause of injuries during the winter months is moisture tracked inside commercial establishments by pedestrian traffic. Often, people will track snow or ice indoors, which then melts and creates slick walking surfaces that people can easily slip and fall on. Employees of these establishments may fail to maintain walkways or provide adequate warnings to people coming in from slippery conditions, which may be constant during winter.

Property owners in New Jersey can’t ignore the increased risk of winter slip and fall accidents. They must take steps to reduce the risk of these injuries. This may entail properly treating walkways with salt to prevent the formation of ice, regular removal of snow accumulations, ensuring indoor walkways are maintained properly, and placing adequate signage that warns guests of wet walkways.

Steps to Take After Slip and Fall Accidents

After an accident, it is important to collect evidence immediately, particularly if the accident was weather-related. The conditions that led to the accident may change drastically in a matter of hours, especially if it involves snow or ice. Therefore, you should ensure that you have photographs of the scene of the accident immediately after so that you have accurate documentation of the conditions of your slip and fall accident. You should also collect contact information of any witnesses present, and retain documentation of medical treatment that you received after the accident.

Experienced Jersey City Slip and Fall Attorneys

A single slip and fall accident can cause sprains, fractures, or even serious spinal cord and head injuries. You may need extended medical treatment, and you may be prevented from going to work or caring for your loved ones. Bhatt Law Group’s Jersey City slip and fall attorneys have years of combined experience helping people with their injury claims. These cases can involve complex legal issues, procedures, and requirements, as well as extensive negotiations with insurance adjusters and other attorneys. You need an experienced law firm like Bhatt Law Group that can help you with an effective and aggressive strategy for obtaining compensation for your injuries.

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