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Did you have a slip and fall accident in Bayonne? If so, you may be eligible for compensatory damages as a result of the injuries you incurred from the incident.

The city of Bayonne lies within the Gateway Region of Hudson County, New Jersey. It is positioned right on a peninsula in the middle of Newark Bay, New York Bay, and Kill Van Kull. It is a central location for traffic that comes from all three of these directions. Between the year 2000 and 2010, the population of Bayonne went from approximately 61,842 people to 63,024 people.

Bayonne was originally a township before it became a city. It used to be a thriving location for manufacturing, maritime activities, and distribution. Although these economic forces still have a presence in the city, they are not as viable as they previously were. But the easy commute to New York and other urban areas have allowed residents to continue to reside in the city.

Overview of Slip and Fall Accidents in Bayonne

Slip and fall accidents describe situations where someone slips and falls on someone else’s property and injures themselves as a result. If the conditions of the property were unsafe and the property owner never attempted to fix those conditions, then they are liable for the injuries caused to the person who slipped and fell.

The most common commercial businesses that have slip and fall accidents are amusement parks, grocery stores, hotels, malls, and movie theaters. These are places where a lot of people gather and consume goods and services. It is common for food, plastic, and paper to end up on the ground instead of in a trash can. If someone were to slip on any of this debris and fall onto the ground and injure themselves, then that commercial business would be liable.

In other scenarios, you might have a slip and fall accident involving a residential or public area. For example, a condominium complex or apartment building are residential properties where slip and fall accidents may happen. Someone could walk down the hallway and slip on tile flooring after a janitor recently washes it. If the janitor did not put up any warning signs, then it would make the landlord or homeowner’s association liable for damages.

Let’s take a look at the most common reasons for slip and fall accidents.

  • Debris, such as garbage and clutter, left on the ground in public areas.
  • Damaged carpeting and floorboards
  • Uneven or deteriorated stairs
  • Loose mats on the floor
  • Recently mopped or wetted flooring
  • Low lighting in stairways or walkways
  • Icy sidewalks or walkways
  • Potholes in the sidewalks

People need flat dry surfaces to walk on. Anytime you have a wet or uneven surface, it will increase the chance of a slip and fall accident. Property owners certainly don’t want people to slip and fall on their premises because their amount of liability is huge.

However, property owners tend to take short cuts when it comes to the maintenance and safekeeping of their property. They do this simply to save money and time. Unfortunately, this can backfire on them tremendously if someone gets injured from a slip and fall accident because of the owner’s neglect.

Duty to Warn People of the Dangers

Property owners cannot assume that people will recognize the dangers that are present on their property. For instance, if the temperatures are below freezing outside and you have ice covering the walkways and pavement of your property, you cannot assume that people will recognize the risk of slipping and falling on the ice. You must post up warning signs to inform them of the risk of walking in those areas where ice is present.

Property owners have a duty to warn other people of the dangers present. You’ve probably seen warning signs before after a floor has just been mopped inside of a commercial establishment. The signs warn you to move carefully on the floor because there is a danger of slipping and falling. In that instance, the property owner would be less liable if someone slipped and fell after seeing the warning sign. Just make sure the warning sign is clearly visible for everyone to see.

If someone trespasses onto your property and then slips and falls, they would not have grounds to hold you liable because they had no legal right to be on your property. There is no law which states that property owners have to warn trespassers of the existing dangers present. But if you own a public place that invites guests onto your property, then you have a legal obligation to make it safe for them or to at least warn them of any areas that are unsafe.

About Slip and Fall Injuries

A slip and fall accident may seem like it would not cause a severe injury, but no one can ever tell until it happens. There are several factors which contribute to the severity of a slip and fall injury.

First, you must consider the age and health status of the victim in question. Do you ever notice how many older people end up in the hospital after slipping and falling on the floor? It is much easier for an older person to break a bone or suffer a concussion after they slip and fall.

Second, the durability and texture of the floor or ground also contribute to the severity of the injury. For instance, if you slip and fall onto a hardwood floor, then that hard surface is going to cause you a more severe injury. But If you’re outside and you slip and fall on the grass, then you may not suffer a severe injury because the grass will cushion your fall. However, that doesn’t mean the property owner wouldn’t be just as liable for damages if they could have prevented the conditions which caused the fall.

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A slip and fall accident may potentially cause a serious injury or minor injury. Regardless of the severity of your injuries, you should take them seriously and seek compensation because of the neglectful actions of the property owner that indirectly caused the fall. New Jersey law requires property owners to make their property safe for all the guests they invite onto it. If the owners fail to do that, then they must pay compensation to the victims who were injured on their property. Contact Bhatt Law Group at (201) 798-8000 and schedule an appointment with one of our slip and fall accident attorneys. We’ll fight hard to earn you a fair settlement for your slip and fall injuries.