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Family Law


Every family experiences hardships that can create a lot of stress, financial worry, and even heartache. If you are trying to find the best course of action for you and your loved ones, trust the skilled and compassionate Jersey City family lawyers at Bhatt Law Group.

Whether you are facing the difficult decision to end your marriage, challenge a custody or support agreement, or defend yourself against devastating accusations after a DYFS/DCPP investigation, an experienced family lawyer who understands these sensitive matters can help you through trying times. An effective Jersey City attorney can also be a useful resource when planning for your future with prenuptial agreements, estate planning, and completing your family with an adoption.

Bhatt Law Group has more than 10 years of experience working with families to achieve an array of outcomes. We understand the emotional situations that families encounter. Let us help you navigate the legal system to obtain a beneficial outcome for everyone in your family. Call us today at (201) 798-8000 .

New Jersey Family Law

Common Family Law Issues We Handle

At Bhatt Law Group we realize that legal matters involving your family can lead to feelings of doubt, pressure, and anxiety. Our experienced attorneys will strive to carry this burden for you.

Questions about child support? Learn how child support is calculated in New Jersey. This is just one of the many questions our family lawyers can answer in detail for you. We have the knowledge and resources to advocate on your behalf and will explain each step to you so you can make informed decisions regarding your rights and your family’s well-being.

Families are confronted with the legal system in many situations. No matter what you’re dealing with, we can help. Bhatt Law Group has experienced family law attorneys who have worked with people throughout New Jersey to obtain positive outcomes in the following situations:

  • Divorce – Legally ending a marriage in New Jersey can be a complicated and emotionally troubling. A skilled divorce attorney with Bhatt Law Group can help you with the intricacies of legal separation, a divorce filing, property division, alimony, and prenuptial agreements.
  • Custody – It is understandable that feelings can run very high regarding legal matters involving child custody and your rights as a parent. A compassionate representative can help you achieve the most favorable result possible in the best interest of a child.
  • Child Support – When a parent is seeking support or is being asked to pay, it is critical to know your rights and how child support works in New Jersey. A skilled child support lawyer at Bhatt Law Group can help you understand this process, parental obligations, and how levels of support are determined.
  • Adoption – Adoptions can be complex, especially when parental rights are being considered. Let us help you navigate the court system as you file for adoption and go through hearings.
  • Paternity Claims – Determining the parentage of children is extremely important. We can help you establish the truth and fight for your rights in a paternity battle.
  • Termination of Parental Rights – The termination of parental rights can be an emotional situation. Let Bhatt Law Group help you navigate the legal issues while you focus on your family.
  • Guardianship – Establishing guardianship is an important step in aiding family members who need legal guidance. However, the process can be complicated and often involves a hearing. Let us help you expedite the process so you can move on with more pressing matters.
  • Emancipation – Emancipation of a minor can involve serious issues. Bhatt Law Group has experience representing people throughout New Jersey who are dealing with emancipation cases.
  • Domestic Violence – Legal situations involving domestic violence can be some of the most complicated and emotionally exhausting issues. If you’ve experienced domestic violence or been accused of it, contact us to find out how to proceed. We can help you manage your divorce, custody, and even criminal case in the face of domestic violence.
  • Name Change Applications – You may want to change your name for a variety of reasons, and New Jersey allows for that through an application with the court. This process involves a plethora of documents and a hearing. Bhatt Law Group is knowledgeable about the court system and will expedite the name change process.
  • Department of Child Protection and Permanency (DCPP/DYFS) Investigations – If your parenting rights are being challenged by DCPP/DYFS, you need knowledgeable representation from a Jersey City family law attorney. Bhatt Law Group understands the complex laws and regulations of DCPP/DYFS, and we will help you navigate their system. We will make sure they respect your rights as a parent.

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At Bhatt Law Group we understand that every family is unique and can face very personal concerns. You can trust that our legal professionals will get to know you, your family, and your particular set of circumstances to find the best possible avenue for your family.

The Jersey City family attorneys with Bhatt Law Group are dedicated to handling potentially emotional legal issues with the utmost sensitivity and professionalism. If you’d like to speak with one of our qualified family lawyers, call us at (201) 798-8000 for a free and confidential consultation today.